Monday, October 02, 2006

Five things feminism has done for me

Ted over at Cerberus has started this “five things feminism has done for me” tag-game, and while I don’t usually take part in these things, since this one is to draw attention to right-wing blog crusade to eliminate the Federal government’s Status of Women agency this time I’ll make an exception.

While this is a serious issue, because many of the other tagged bloggers are going the serious route I’d like to take a bit of a lighter approach in answering with two serious things and three hopefully humorous ones, if I may.

1. I’ve learned to consider things from different perspectives. This is how I see this issue as a man, but what if I was a woman, or an immigrant, or a minority, would it impact be differently? It’s made me a touch more well rounded and enlightened.

2. Feminism is just about women’s rights, but it’s also about advancing issues that women care about. Growing up I benefited from child care programs, and after my parents divorced and my mother supported us, our family benefited from programs to encourage women to enter the workforce in typically male-dominant industries, like carpentry, and by the strides made by the feminist movement to make women welcome in all areas of work, and for equal pay.

3. Hours of enjoyment listening to and watching conservatives banging their heads against the wall railing against “Feminazis” and other moronic nonsense.

. A more exciting dating world as we’re left to wonder, do I open the door for her or will she be insulted, or will she be insulted if I don’t open the door, arggh!

. It’s now socially acceptable for women to ask out men outside of high school Sadie Hawkins dances. So, any time now ladies...

It's now the practice to tag five more people to take part, so I'll tag:

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Anonymous said...

Question: is feminism an ideology?

Unless your definition of ideology is completely meaningless, it most certain is.

In this post, are you declaring yourself an ideologue, or perhaps more mildy, a supporter of ideologues?

If so, is the Liberal Party a welcoming place for ideologues such as feminists? Will they -- wait for it -- eat it alive?

Also, I'd be interested in your definition of this word: hypocrit.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say something and then I went back and re-read what you were saying.....that is when I figured out you really didn't know what you were saying!!!

Red Tory said...

Response posted. I'm not going to tag anyone else though.

Anonymous said...

first two comments were great and I really laughed at the last three. Yep, its a whole new world (at least in some ways).