Sunday, October 01, 2006

More on the feminism front

I blame Ted myself, but I’ve been tagged again, this time by Jason Bo Green, to talk about what I’ve done for feminism, as opposed to the last tag thing, which was what feminism has done for me.

I wasn’t going to respond as, as mentioned earlier, as a rule I don’t like these tag things. However, Jason’s Kennedyesque (John F., not Gerard) “Ask not what feminism can do for you, but ask what you can do for feminism” imagery sold me. So, before I directly tackle that topic, I want to address the wider issue and some of the points he and others have made in their posts on the topic.

Jason expresses some views about feminism on his site, and his take generally isn’t too positive. That’s fine, and not all his complaints are invalid. I dislike extremists too. But I think where he errs is by seeming to tag the wider group with the views/actions of those on the extreme. It shouldn’t be a mistake a conservative would made, as they’re often reminding us not all conservatives are gun nuts, or anti-abortion, or whatever and that we shouldn’t judge all conservatives for the views of a minority. It’s a fair, valid point.

And it’s just as valid, I think, with feminism. Not all feminists, in fact very few, are man haters. Feminism, IMO, is at its core about equal rights, and about choice, and I’d like to think that’s something that we can all get behind. If I judge his post correctly, I’d think Jason agrees.

Anyway, what have I done personally for feminism? Well, I haven’t written a cheque, but I’m also not campaigning to have my taxpayer funding to the SWC cut. I have, though, in my life tried to treat women with respect and equality. I’d like to think that’s really what it’s all about.

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Olaf said...

Hey Jeff,

I have been browsing through the progressive bloggers responses to the '5 things...' campaign. I have writen what I believe to be a relatively thoughtful opposition to the SWC program, and although I'm conservative, I'm generally an openminded person looking for a reasonable debate on the matter. Perhaps similar to Jason.

I am trying to get as many comments as possible from progressive bloggers, largely for my own edification, and am therefore shamelessly providing a link on progressive bloggers sites to my post. Please consider checking it out, and voicing any objections to my position that you may have.

Jacques Beau Vert said...

Hey Jeff, thanks for your thoughts.

Me personally, I'm not a "conservative", or much of anything, I guess.

Feminism to me, in my mind, is a 1960s-begun movement - long after Nellie McClung. I think of it not as "extremist", but more, maybe, "intellectual".

I'd have given a very different answer to "Five Things Women's Rights Have Meant To Me".

I'm not big on Status of Women, admittedly. Although, I'd happily triple or quadruple their budget if Foreign Aid (specifically related to women's standard of living and equality) were included in their mandate.