Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chugging to Montreal

4:15 am This is way to early to get out of bed, espicially when you only went to bed four hours earlier.

5:15 am Get a cab for the trip from Scarborough down to Union Station, I don't fancy taking a cab at this hour.

5:45 am I'm more used to flying where you need to arrive pretty early. For future reference though, one hour is waaay to early to get to the train station. Plus side, I'm first in line, so guaranteed window seat with a view of empty fields and the 401.

6:10 am Finally some other people arrive and I'm not the only one here any longer. Hard to tell who are Liberals (Harper is saving the scarlet L branding law until he has his majority) but I do see one fellow wearing a Bob Rae button, hopefully that's not a bad omen.

6:55 am We pull out of the TDot on time, a better omen. And a few minutes later, the VIA breakfast of champions for only $5. I haven't had Nerds in like nearly 20 years!

7:15 am We arrive at Guildwood. In Scarbough. Where I live. Why didn't I get on the freakin train here?

8:00 am An observation, prolonged periods of Treo typing really cramp up the fingers. Ouch.

9:20 am Pulling out of Kingston and the train has now filled up. I can read Liblogs on the train but can't login to blogger for some reason, the button just won't click. Also, I'm going to have to change my blog template because it is not at all readable on mobile devices.

10:05 am Just outside Brockville the train stops to split in two to expel those going to Ottawa. And good riddance, I say. They were slowing us down!

10:50 am A brief stop in Cornwall, our last before the Quebec border. I have my passport ready for customs and immigration, but no officials come on board. Maybe its like the EU, open borders? Hope they take dollars.

11:55 am Arrive in Montreal pretty much on time and none the worse for the ware. Let the fun begin.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, who doesn't love a good road trip?

That breakfast looks pretty nasty to me though. Yuck!

Jeff said...

It's just salsa and chips Jeremy. Was pretty tasty actually.