Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Imbalance moves to the plenary

I’m in Montreal and I’m just catching my breath. Dropped my stuff at the Travelodge (smallest hotel room ever, but it’s cheap) and headed over to the convention and got registered.

Was a bit of a hassle finding the bloggers room, it’s a bit out of the way (keep the unwashed bloggers away from the normies!) but it’s very comfy. Good on Tait Simpson and the LPC for setting it up and inviting bloggers to come to town.

And naturally in the blogging room were, well, bloggers, such as Scott Tribe of Progressive Bloggers and Blogging Canada, Wayne Chu of Progressive Bloggers, Jason Cherniak, Miranda of A View from the Left, John Lenard of The John Lennard Experience and Laura of The Tyee.

After checking out my e-mail it was down to the already underway policy workshops. With the nation motion withdrawn I figured the best chance for drama was the fiscal imbalance motion so I hoofed it down to the economic policy workshop.

The room was half full but there were still 75 or so people that cared a bit about policy, not too bad. Dion and Ignatieff supporters were prominent in the room as well; Dion’s people wearing red shirts and Iggy’s peps sporting funky Iggy scarfs.

I missed the debate on the fiscal imbalance, if there was any debate. I was there, however, for the vote on prioritization. Iggy’s people all voted for it, none of Dion’s or, in my biased opinion, most of the others in the room did. It was enough, though, for the motion to be prioritized and it will be debated on the convention floor tomorrow.

This issue seems to be flying under the radar, but I don’t know. In a day everything passed here will be forgotten. The leader sets policy.

The real fun begins tonight with the convention opening, Howard Dean speech and then the parties, including THE party, the LibLogs soiree at Hotel Place D’Armes. Be there or be square.

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