Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day One and someone has already played the Nazi card

Came across this post this afternoon from blogger Devon Francis (Liberal Outsider), who, while he's a Kennedy supporter, I am supremely confident does not at all speak for Kennedy, or anyone else in his campaign:

Today at the convention Leadership candidates arrived to register. The day began with Bob Rae registering, with his supporters chanting "Bob Rae, Bob Rae." His crowd was a fairly good size. They were clad in the red t-shirts and carried the posters that depicted Rae in a rather not so flattering way.

The overall style, and not content, has been remarked as akin to the Nazi party material. Half red and halfblack and white, one cannot help feel the empire-ish sentiment it conveys. Further, the Rae campaign has been passing posters and cards advocating a Rae-volution. I must ask, is this a wise political move?

Tell me Devon, is it wise to compare the Bob Rae campaign to the Nazi Party? I mean, really, is that politically wise, or just plain wise at all?

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Yappa said...

Ha ha! Thanks for passing that on. If anyone wants see what the "evil" posters really look like, see (I thought they were very nice.)

Penelope Persons said...

Good gawd!!!

If the link yappa provided is what Devon was referring to....!!

I'd say the Rae posters were 1/3 black and white, and 2/3rds red.

I don't know who Devon is but his comments are sophomoric at best and sick at worst. Especially considering Rae himself is half Jewish and his wife is all Jewish.

But, since I would really NOT want to see Kennedy as leader, if Devon hurts his candidate, that's OK with me.

noone said...

Looks like any other political convention to me. I don't see the Nazi comparison at all.

Maybe he's been reading/watching too much on the Nazi party recently? lol No idea but that was way out of line. said...

I never said Rae looked Nazi-ish or anything. I said someone remarked that. I said empire-ish, and I don't see that as such a horrible comment.

I guess when you have nothing to say, you just find things to make up.

Yappa said...

To Devon -

Are you kidding? You seriously think there's nothing out of line with saying that the pictures of Bob Rae are unflattering, the style is "akin to the Nazi party material" and the posters convey an "empire-ish sentiment"? You think there's nothing wrong with implying that Rae is a socialist revolutionary?

Among the many problems with your post is that it's all completely untrue. I guess you didn't count on someone posting a picture that would show you up.

Jeff said...

OK then, my bad Devon. You were just presenting the comments of "some people" without contradiction and supporting comments of your own. Riiiight.

Just who are these "some people" that you're referring to? Do they have names? Could we meet them?

As for making things up Devon, I cut and pasted your comments verbatim (that's the italacized section". People can judge for themselves. said...

Do you read what you write, do you realize how you talk down to people? I'm at the convention. I highly doubt you'd talk like this to my face. Hide behind your blog.

Jeff said...

Room 447.

CuriosityCat said...

Loaded words like "Nazi" are like loaded guns: best handled carefully and preferably not handled at all unless factually.

Anonymous said...

Room 447.

Here in BC we call that a bitch slap, Devon. How's it feel?

Anonymous said...

We have tripped, and stumbled over supporting Israel, ultimately pissing off loyal Jewish supporters. Then we create a firestorm over the Quebec nation thing. Now we reference the Nazi party when talking about Bob Rae. Can Liberals please get their heads out of their asses. Thank you.

Yappa said...

A horrible thought just hit me. I hope Devon isn't a delegate? That's the best argument I've heard for moving to a one-member/on-vote system of leadership selection.