Tuesday, November 28, 2006

To Montreal in the morning

It’s laundry and packing tonight and then in the morning I head downtown to catch a very, very early morning Via train out of Union Station to Montreal and the Liberal leadership convention, arriving in town midday.

I’ll be setting up camp at the Travelodge and then heading over to the convention to wade into the policy goodness. If you’re concerned it will be anticlimactic with the Nation time bomb at least partially defused, fret not. I suspect the debate on the largely overlooked fiscal imbalance policy could prove interesting.

I’ve set up a landing page here where I’ll link my coverage from the convention for easy reference. I’ll have my laptop in tow so I can blog away, and I’ve also arranged through my day job to demo the new Palm Treo, so I’ll also be doing a little Treo-blogging when the WiFi is down or the notebook batteries die.

Looking forward to meeting lots of you in Montreal, please feel free to send me a note at jjedras (at) hotmail.com or ring or text me on the Treo at (416) 434 7823. And if you see me around the convention (that's my forced smiling face above) please say hi.

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