Tuesday, November 28, 2006

BCer's Leadership HQ

Bookmark this page for links to all my coverage of the Liberal Leadership convention in Montreal over the course of the week.

Convention Coverage:

A Perfect Storm
LPC Day Four (evening) in pictures
On cloud nine
Me with the next Prime Minister of Canada!
Jean! Jean! Jean!
PMs and leaders
Photos from the floor before ballot four
Forgive my profanity but hell yes!!
It's easy being green
Welcome Gerard!
Second ballot: That's what I'm talking about!
Bloggers on CTV
Big red bus chugs to Stephane!

LPC Day Three in photos
First round results are out...
Waiting on results...and pizza
Liveblogging from the floor: Night three and candidate speeches
Media, spin, noise and numbers
Embedded inside a flash mob
It's winter in Montreal but it's spring in the LPC
"He's an elfin type..."

LPC Day Two in photos
Tyee: The language police have invaded the convention
Live blogging from the floor: Night two's all about Paul
Thoughts on a busy afternoon
Me too! Me toooooo!
Waking up in Montreal

LPC Day One in photos
Live blogging from the floor -- night one
Day one and someone has already played the Nazi card
Imbalance moves to plenary
Chugging to Montreal

To Montreal in the morning

Pre-Convention Coverage:

All about Dion
My choice for leader: Stephane Dion
In conversation with Stephane Dion
An interview on the issues with Stephane Dion
Dion on electoral reform
Dion and La Belle Province
The Dion Letters

General coverage
Why I support (weighted) one member, one vote
Tyee: What happened to heath care?
Tyee: Recognizing imbalance the wrong move
Tyee: Ignore the jelly, vote for policy
Guest blogger: Pierre Trudeau
Iggy's not jiggy with it
I believe the children are our future
Ken Dryden's Yankee Burger-gate
Tie a Red Ribbon around that sagging Liberal tree...
Babies, bathwater and leaders
My coverage of the LPC(O) convention
Almost live blogging from the Liberal love-in at the King Ed
Reinterpreting Laurier for the 21st Century

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Steve V said...

Looking forward to your insights Jeff. Have fun!

Jeff said...

I'll have a beverage for you Steve. Maybe even two. :)