Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tyee blog: Language police invade convention

My latest contribution over at The Tyee's Election Superblog:

Language police invade convention

At the Liberal convention in Montreal there are definitely two official languages, and you'd better not forget it...
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Altavistagoogle said...

The "unilingualism" of the convention made front page news of Ottawa's LeDroit (I don't know how predominant the article was in Montreal's LaPresse or Quebec's LeSoleil (all the same conglomorate).

It used to be that Dunkin Donuts was the most popular donut shop in Quebec. However Tim Hortons has been quite aggressive in the last couple of years. The West is next (sorry Robin's).

Still, donut shops are for the subburbs, urbanites often prefer Van Houte (similar to Star Bucks).

There are no Tacco Bells in Quebec and Wendies are quite rare (I can't think of one).

Oh, and last time I checked, Tim Hortons in Quebec do not offer infused tea!

Jeff said...

Maybe it's all tourists there, but the one in the convention centre is doing a booming business. But they also don't have the chili here, I was disappointed.