Friday, December 01, 2006

LPC Day Two in photos

Not only do the bloggers have a press pass, we have "blog access." And a secret handshake.

Conventions mean buttons, lots of buttons.

Jason Cherniak holds court at the Liblogs press conference.

The mainstream media press room is no where near as swanky as the blogger room, which I'm told we've taken to calling "The Bat Cave."

Dion silenced? Never!!

Yes Virginia, there is a Joe Volpe booth.

Sore arms abounded by the end of the constitutional plenary.

Reunited and it feels so gooooood...

At the Martin tribute, former New Brunswick Premier Frank McKenna.

At the Martin tribute, the Right Honourable John Turner.

Stephane Dion and his wife Jeanine Krieber enter the Martin tribute.

Bill Graham enters the Martin tribute.

Senator Romeo Dallaire enters for the Martin tribute.

Sheila Martin and the Right Honourable Paul Martin make their way into the hall.

The Right Honourable Paul Martin.

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Jay Currie said...

Great pics. Your coverage of the convention is certainly as good as any blogger or MSM I've seen and I am looking hard.

Thank you!

Steve V said...

Ditto Jeff. You're doing a great job!

Reality Bites said...

In regards to the John Turner picture - I realize getting her to come was quite a coup, but I still think it was a mistake inviting Margaret Thatcher to a Liberal convention. ;)

Gavin Magrath said...

Where is the batcave? I'm blogging from Kennedy HQ but I'd love to drop in...


BW said...

And just what is Jim Harris, ex-leader of the Green Party doing with Frank McKenna?

Jeff said...

Thanks guys.

Reality, lol, I had that same thought myself. Wonder who it is though? Must be someone high profile to be in the VIP setting.

Gavin, send me an e-mail, jjedras(at)

Bob, is that who that is with Frank? I was wondering who it was. Veeeery interesting.

Anonymous said...

The lady standing in front of Volpe's booth is obviously somebody's mommy. BCer, any idea how much Joe hit her kid up for?

Jeff said...

Don't pick on the poor Volpe supporters. It's just not cricket.

Saskboy said...

I'm surprised the Volpe button isn't in the shape of a tombstone.

Cathy said...

Thats a very good summary of the Liberal Convention. Its just too bad I wasnt there to enjoy in the festivities. Maybe next time will be the chance to participate in the next liberal convention.