Friday, December 15, 2006

And he's going to neutralize the "so-called" environmental issue?

In one of his oh-so-rare press conferences yesterday, PM Steve Harper referred to “so-called greenhouse gases.” This, not that long after Stock Day displayed zero understanding and extreme skepticism about the science of climate change and at the end of a week of endless stories about how Rona Ambrose is about to be dumped as Harper’s environment minister for, well, sheer incompetence I guess.

It’s interesting, as this all comes not long after the Star’s Chantal Hebert mused Harper and Jack Layton might come up with some kind of big-bang environmental policy to neutralize the environment as an issue for the Dion Liberals and May Greens in the next election.

I think they’re going to have their work cut out for them though. How are they going to come up with an environmental policy that neutralizes the environment as an election issue when they don’t even believe in such a fundamental part of the science as greenhouses gases?

I don't blame him for having trouble coming-up with a plan to fight greenhouse gases. After all, I'd have a hard time coming up with a credible plan to control the so-called unicorn population. The only thing is, one of those things actually do exist.

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Anonymous said...

100 million a year makes the Earth cooler:

Forgot about big plans Canada alone could make this whole Earth warming debate meaningless.

But yeah, Harper is clueless on the environment file but if Dion wants to pull it off he better step up his parliamentary performance—Wants to make the Senate equal, but doesn't want to open the Constitution? Uh…

Anonymous said...

The Dion/Kennedy fundraiser is disturbing - not a good start. I know Kennedy is a 'very' ambitious person, but please this is just too shabby.

Dion keeps this crap up and I'll be losing my support for him.

Give me a break - the senate reform issue by Harper is to divide the Liberals and make them look bad and face it - a "diversion" from his other pathetic policies. His tactic is working because now that's all anyone is talking about.

It's time to reverse the strategy folks.

Ti-Guy said...

After all, I'd have a hard time coming up with a credible plan to control the so-called unicorn population.

That pretty much says it right there. Which is way I've always felt that their approach was profoundly dishonest or simply delusional. If you don't accept the science supporting the GHG's theory for climate change or global warming, then it's absurd to propose any approach at all. Now, they're caught in trap and they look ridiculous.

Poor Rona is all I can say.