Friday, December 15, 2006

The Parisian Candidate

Hilarious column by Wells. I've always felt the best way to combat right-wing buffonery is with biting satire. I also like to throw in a dollop of sarcasm from time to time, but that's just me.

I'd just like to caution Ezra Levant though: Evra, this is satire, not investigative journalism, so don't get your knickers in a twist. You see, there was this movie called The Manchurian Candidate. I think they remade it recently with Denzel, but see the original. (H/T Miranda.)

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Fade in...

Interior. Stornaway, the residence of Canada's leader of the Opposition. Packing crates are everywhere; men in overalls carry boxes back and forth. St├ęphane Dion enters, leading his dog Kyoto.

Dion: Well, here we are, almost moved in after only a few weeks as leader of the Liberal Party of Canada!

There is a knock at the door.

Dion: Who could that be?

Dion opens the door. The French Ambassador enters, a menacing figure in a black cape, who bears an odd resemblance to Angela Lansbury.

French Ambassador: Would you like to play zee cards, Monsieur Dion?

French Ambassador begins shuffling a deck of cards. He pulls out one in particular: the red queen. Dion is instantly hypnotized.

French Ambassador: Ah, I see your training still work! You are starting to rememb-air zee mission, aren't you?
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Scotian said...


Thank you Jeff, I needed that laugh! For those of us that are well aware of the original Manchurian Candidate and the old Pink Panther movies this is especially hilarious material. It also does underscore some of the really paranoid thinking of certain political commentators (Yes, I'm talking about you Ezra) regarding Dion's French citizenship. Good post Jeff, I'm surprised more haven't left you comments on it.