Saturday, December 02, 2006

Big red bus chugs to Stephane!

After very little sleep I headed down to the hall this morning and right into a green clad Stephane Dion mob waiting for Martha Hall Findlay, who has decided to endorse Dion and was on her way to the convention with Stephane on the big red bus.

This is such a huge symbolic move and is really huge for the Dion campaign. Martha is so re
spected by everyone in the party, she represents renewal and fresh energy, and she’s backing Dion. This is going to sway a lot of people to our side.

The Dion campaign has gone green today…green scarfs, green hats, green shirts. The hall is a sea of green. As I walked into the hall I was handed a green scarf and a Martha sign and drafted into
the mob waiting for Stephane and Martha to arrive. A group of us were herded outside (dammed chilly this morning) to wait for the bus, and following a scum with the media we followed them inside with the biggest mob of the convention so far, red and green everywhere, as we followed them into the hall for voting.

It’s not just the Martha people coming over to Stephane. I’ve talked to a number of Ignatieff people that are coming to Stephane on the second ballot. And while Scott Brison may have gone to Rae he has released his delegates and we’re picking up a lot of then, including a good friend of mine from my old riding in British Columbia.

It’s the morning after and the Dionistas are still pumped. Second ballot voting is going on now. This ballot will be crucial, this is still really up in the air.

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Mark Richard Francis said...

I'm so upset that Volpe is no more. As a non-Liberal, I really wanted him in. ;)

Seriously, Rae is a good parliamentarian, but I doubt he has the needed vision. Dion, I think, gets it. His weak english is no big deal. We all put up with Chretien, after all.

Psychols said...

I like Stephane, Jeff, and I hope what you are saying is more than just spin or wishful thinking.