Saturday, December 02, 2006

It’s easy being green

I’ve been walking around the hall as the delegates line-up to vote for the third ballot. The atmosphere is intense as people decide where they’re going to go, and people from all the camps trying to woo them.

I’m seeing a lot of exuberant and smiling Dion supporters, a lot of disillusioned Ignatieff supporters and a lot of very, very nervous Rae supporters.

Ignatieff supporters are walking around with Kennedy and Ignatieff signs, but from what I’m hearing and seeing the bulk of Kennedy’s supporters are coming to the Dion camp. The tale is in the swag. I’m seeing a lot of people sporting Dion and Kennedy swag, a lot, but very few wearing Kennedy and Rae or Iggy swag. There was a mob at the Dion table for Dion shirts, scarfs and buttons. Not near as much activity at the others.

And here’s where the Dion camp’s move to green swag this morning is freakin brilliant. Everybody else’s swag is red, so they don’t contrast when you get two camp’s red swag together. But Dion’s green swag contrasts so well with the red scarfs of Kennedy and the others, that you can spot the converts from a mile away.

That is so significant because of, again, momentum. The other delegates see all the people sporting green and red and it shows where the momentum is going, they see where the train is going and they’ll want to hop on board.

Any of the three can still take this thing, but I still feel very, very good about our chances here. Could you have imagined this back in February?

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Unknown said...

It all comes down to what the Dryden delegates do. If they follow their man, and the Kennedy delegates splinter, it's anybodys game.

That being said, I can understand why a Dionista would feel good right now ;)

petroom said...

Go team Go. I'm happy to be reading the news today.