Saturday, December 02, 2006

Welcome Gerard!

The third ballot has been set, it will be Ignatieff, Rae and Dion. Gerard Kennedy has crossed over to the Stephane Dion camp! Wow!!

Hopefully my exuberance isn't too irrational. This is still very, very much up in the air. But we could not be better positioned. I think Gerard is going to be able to bring a huge amount of his supporters over to our camp. I've been talking about momentum, and it is sooo with us.

There are lots of anybody but Iggy people, and there are lots of anybody but Bob people. There are no anybody but Stephane people. He has always been the compromise candidate, and that's what we're seeing happen here. Straight up the middle with a bullet.

Hang on to your seats!

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Steve V said...


Can you gag for me when Cherniak says positive things about Kennedy ;)

Congratulations, Stephane should be on the final ballot now!

Harrap said...

I was rooting for Gerard but Dion was my second choice. So GO DION GO!

Steve V said...

Buzz on the networks, Kennedy organizers are saying he will deliver 80-90% of delegates for Dion.

DivaRachel said...

I was proud to stand along side Stephane delgates to win this thing. I wish I would have met you, ABC.... maybe next time?

-- KenneDion Member.