Saturday, December 02, 2006

Second ballot: That's what I'm talking about!

The Dionistas are going crazy. It was an open question if we could stay in third, and we did it. Momentum. Michael is done and his supporters are more than welcome in the Dion camp. It’s going to be Rae vs. Dion.

Stephane made a big move on this ballot, solidly in third now opening up an even wider gap on Kennedy. Gerard and Stephane walked into the convention hall together, I think at this point Gerard is going to have to come over to Stephane. Rae may have the big names but we’re getting the grassroots. We’ve got the big mo! Hang on to your seats!

Michael Ignatieff
: 1481 votes 31.6 per cent

Bob Rae
: 1132 votes 24.1 per cent

Stephane Dion
: 974 votes 20.8 per cent

Gerard Kenendy
: 884 votes 18.8 per cent

Ken Dryden
: 219 votes 4.7 per cent

Total votes cast: 4695

Update 1: Stunned silence and disbelief as Dryden releases his candidates but moves to the Rae box. I mean, Bob Rae? A strong anybody but Rae building here. Now the focus is on Gerard, where will he go? If he goes to Bob this is over, but I really think if he moves to Bob it will be a biiig stunner that's inconsistent with what he's been all about this campaign. As I predicted after superweekend, Gerard is the kingmaker.

Update 2: Copies of the book "Rae Days" are mysteriously appearing in the washrooms of the convention centre.

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