Thursday, December 28, 2006

Make Rory an All-Star

Want to give the finger to the hockey establishment? Vote online to send Canucks defenceman Rory Fitzpatrick to the all-star game.

I hadn’t heard of this story until the weekend, when Don Cherry went off his rocker again on Coach’s Corner. It has to do with the fan balloting for the NHL All Star Game. The starters are selected by the fans, and one of the ways to vote is online. It seems that on the Internet and the blogsphere a movement has erupted to get Fitzpatrick, a journeymen defenceman, elected a starter for the Western Conference.

It’s something fun, and a way of giving the finger to the hockey establishment that place so much importance in an All Star Game that is one of the biggest jokes in professional sport, and take it all so seriously. It should be noted Fitzpatrick has/had nothing to do with it.

Here’s how the guy behind the “Vote for Rory” Web site that started all this puts it:

"A guy like Rory Fitzpatrick deserves to go to the all-star game over a lot of other guys who probably don't want to be there anyway," Schmid said in an interview. "He showed a lot of determination to stay in the league and make the most out of his role.

"The all-star game is a great way not only to honour the superstars but honour the guys that are the best at their role. "

The people responded to the movement, with Fitzpatrick second in the voting for awhile. He’s now fallen to third with an amazing 486,842 votes. The top two defencemen will start, currently that’s Scott Niedermayer with 540,380 and Nik Lidstron with 522,345.

He fell to third after the hockey establishment reacted to the surprise of him being in second with much assholery and douchebaggery. Don Cherry even personally attacked Fitzpatrick, who as I said had nothing to do with all this, calling him “a joke, a freak and a jerk.

Then there’s hockey writer/establishment defender Scott Morrison, who arrogantly declares “enough is enough” with all this silliness. Fitzpatrick just isn’t “worthy” and he should do the “honourable thing” and bow out. Not worthy of playing in a meaningless beauty contest held so corporate sponsors can get VIP passes and feel important? Oh, the humanity!

Well, I say we tell Cherry who the real jerk is, and tell Morrison to remove the stick from his posterior. I’m going to be voting for Rory as often as possible, and I hope all of you will as well. It doesn’t take long. Visit here for the instructions or go straight to the ballot here, and just select Fitzpatrick as a write-in candidate for the Western Conference.

And stick it to the man!

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Anonymous said...

I think the only reason why you're supporting this grassroots revolution for Rory is because it's the only hope of getting a Canuck in the all star game.

Jeff said...

Actually anon last I checked Roberto Luongo led the goalie vote in the West.

Darren McEwen said...

I voted for Rory!

I can't believe you have to "write in" Tucker too! I'm a die hard Leaf fan but even if you hate the guy I don't think he should be a 'write in'!

Penelope Persons said...

I thought Don Cherry was the champion of journeyman players!!

Thank goodness I have "Cookie Jar" so I can delete the appropriate cooky and vote as often as I want!

Anonymous said...

I live in Vancouver, am not a Canuck fan but have voted often for Rory.

Go Oilers