Thursday, December 28, 2006

Morning reading

  • Another from the category of the media catching-up with the blogsphere, this time on Steve Harper’s pre-holiday appointment/patronage orgy. As the Globe reports this morning, it appears Harper and his Health Minister, Tony Clement (sold that stock yet Tony?) have stacked the board appointed to oversee Assisted Human Reproduction Canada with social conservatives rather than, you know, fertility experts and stem-cell researchers.

It includes a professor of Jewish studies who has written of his opposition to abortion unless life of the mother is being threatened, a social anthropologist who is director of research for the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, a Montreal oncologist who has spoken against euthanasia at an anti-abortion conference, and a Halifax bioethicist who opposes using fresh embryos for stem-cell research -- an opposition commonly voiced by those who believe life begins at conception.

And chaired, of course, by a former Conservative Premier. What, me worry? Also, the Globe’s Brian Laghi has more on how the religious right has Harper’s ear.

  • This story form Reuters is actually a few weeks old, but it just ended-up in my local Niagara Falls paper the other day. It details though how the environment and climate change is not only becoming a “so-called” election issue in Canada, but in countries around the world as well as the issue is championed by mainstream parties.

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