Friday, December 22, 2006

Nominations and campaigns

Just because it's the holidays…ok, darnit, Christmas…doesn't mean things aren't happening on the campaign and nominations front.

Stephane Dion today appointed Mark Marissen and Nancy Girard as the LPC's national campaign co-chairs. I don't know much about Nancy, save she ran unsuccessfully for the HoC in 2004 and that she's the Regional VP for Quebec. Mark of course ran Dion's leadership campaign and was B.C. campaign co-chair in 2004 and 2006. He did a great job on the leadership campaign and I'm hoping for the same kind of issues-based, principled approach during the election campaign.

Over at Public Eye Online, Sean reports that Donna Cadman, wife of the late great Chuck Cadman of keeping the Martin government alive fame, has won the Conservative nomination in Surrey North. She'll go up against NDP incumbent Penny Priddy, a former provincial cabinet minister. Apparently Donna endorsed Penny in the last campaign, and they're friends. Should be an interesting race.


Jonathan over at TDH reports that Hedy Fry has been re-nominated in Vancouver-Centre, but may step aside in favour of Christy Clark, Mark's other half and a former provincial Liberal cabinet minister. He also reports speculation that another former BC Lib cabmin, Gary Collins, may be eyeing Stephen Owen's seat in Vancouver Quadra.

There's also been much speculation of Justin Trudeau seeking a seat somewhere. Possibly Lapierre's old Outremont riding or maybe even Mount Royal if Irwin Cotler hangs them up. There were even rumours of him supplanting Wendy Yuan to run in Vancouver-Kingsway, which was unlikely and has since been disproved.

You know, I'd rather see him run somewhere outside Quebec though. I think he's probably more popular in the ROC. Would need to be somewhere urban, obviously. I don't think he'll play in the rural west or the 905. We already have our hands full in Toronto, and I'd have to think Calgary and Edmonton are out.

So even if it's not Kingsway, if they could fund him a Vancouver riding that'd be interesting. Or, how about Victoria? Urban, swings left, Liberal for years with David Anderson, swung NDP last time. That could be interesting.

Someone else I'd like to see run out West is Gerard Kennedy. He has the Western roots, that was a big part of his campaign, him winning a seat in the West would be huge for the party. An interesting choice be Anne McLellan's old seat in Edmonton.

The downside is if he lost that could well kill his future leadership ambitions, so being a substantial gamble it probably won't happen. Still, that would be a helluva fun campaign and would be huge for the LPC in Alberta.

And as long as I'm dreaming, let's run Bob Rae against Jack in Toronto-Danforth and Arlene Perly Rae against Olivia in Trinity-Spadina. That'd be fun.

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Unknown said...

Kennedy vs. Rob Anders in Calgary West - dare to dream.

Anonymous said...

Edmonton-Center is not a hard riding to take with a good campaign. Our current MP, Laurie Hawn, is a backbencher. No one knows if he's still alive as we haven't heard a peep out of him since he was elected.

Zac said...

I'm pretty sure that Kennedy will run in Parkdle High-Park.

Running out west might be nice, but its not for sure. He's a star, no doubt about it, but I think you and I both know how much westerners would love a provincial politician from Ontario to run out there.

I think he'd be best in Toronto. His seat would be locked up, so he could help us campaign in other parts of the province and the country.

Anonymous said...

The sad story is that Dion is pushing hard on the 1/3rd women candidates and te joke is that since they are not getting good candidates, they are asking male candidates to go through a sex change! The party is going to end up losing a lot of seats by putting candidates who cannot win an election but willfulfill the 1/3rd mandate. Lets hope it doesnt happen

Jeff said...

Zac, they'd try to make the parachute argument naturally but that's the Cons. I think Gerard does have legitimate Western roots and an Edmonton connection. Anyway, as I said he'll probably run in a safer riding, but I'd like to see out stars in ridings we can swing, not safe ridings. Gerard in Edmonton would be huge, but I'm doubtful too it will happen.

Anon, have any examples to share with us?

Anonymous said...

Hedy Fry isn't going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Martha Hall Finlay in Trinity-Spadina would be good.

Interesting - I read where Helena Guergis represented Trinity-Spadina during the Harris regime and in those days she pledged not to vote against SSM BUT since she's now with Harper she voted against it - in other words she voted for "VOTES" and not prinicple. Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

You'll have to add - some 40 patronage appointments by Harper so far during the Xmas break and, amendment to the Conservatives 2005 donations report to Elections Canada - on December 13th, interesting isn't it?

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

I think for Kennedy, Winnipeg South would be a good choice since we only lost this by 110 votes and if we choose him as opposed to Reg Alcock we are pretty much guaranteed to retake the riding, whereas if we choose Reg Alcock we could lose it again.

I would like to see Christy Clark run as she would almost certainly get a cabinet post so it would help get more women involved in politics.

As for Justin Trudeau, I would make him earn his nomination and not choose a safe seat. I've felt his fame is somewhat undeserved. Just because you are the son of a PM doesn't mean you will be any good. I think he needs to make it on his own as I am generally not a big fan of those who have things handed down to them. I myself refused to work for anyone in my family and instead choose to make it on my own rather than family connections.

Penelope Persons said...

I'm a BCer, not a Con, but can't help seeing parachutes all over the sky as too many Torontonians for the available seats suddenly remember long-ago connections elsewhere - in places they left behind.

Gerard, for example, educated at U of T and Trent, spent 3 years, back in the 80s, in Edmonton.

Justin, a Montrealer, taught here in Raincouver for a couple of years in the last century. That makes him "our" guy??

Don't forget, we non-416/905ers might have a few decent candidates whom we know - even if Ontario doesn't - right in our own front yards.

Sorry to sound grumpy. Nasty cold is my excuse. Merry Christmas anyway, all!

Anonymous said...

Mark Marissen - hmm-name rings a bell. Oh yea, isn't he Cristy Clark's husband and one of those implicated in the Basi/Virk Christmas raid on the B.C. Legislature?
"He did a great job on the leadership campaign and I'm hoping for the same kind of issues-based, principled approach during the election campaign."

Right, principled approach! Would that be refering to the Antisemetic approach to Bob Raes wife. Seems to me those guys ended up being Dion suporters.

And while I'm at it, who will be the English speaking spokesman for Dion? 24 million Canadians want to know.

Horny Toad

Anonymous said...

"Interesting - I read where Helena Guergis represented Trinity-Spadina during the Harris regime and in those days she pledged not to vote against SSM BUT since she's now with Harper she voted against it - in other words she voted for "VOTES" and not prinicple. Hmmm...."

Hey, she must be taking LESSONS from Volpe. Saw a video of him talking to a church group asking for their support so he could oppose SSM.

Horny Toad