Saturday, December 23, 2006

On the twelfth day of Christmas...

...Canada's new government gave to me:

12. 12 months of $100 "child care" cheques that don't even come close to covering the cost of child care

11. An arrogant refusal to lower the Parliament Hill flag to half mast when Canadian soldiers die in the line of duty and lies about why they won't

A health minister with a 25 per cent stake in a pharmaceutical manufacturer

9. No understanding of what that very important Quebecois nation motion they rammed through the House actually means

8. An e-mail attempting to raise money for the Conservative Party based on Harper's handling of the Lebanon conflict while the bombs were still falling, at a time when Eight Canadians had been killed and thousands more were still waiting for evacuation

7. Silence when interactions were revealed between two senior government members and a listed terrorist group

6. Six months without acting or following-up on the recommendations put forward by the government's wait-times advisor, even though this was one of their five priorities

5. Five charter flights averaging $3600 a pop by the Minister of Veterans Affairs

4. Four-plus reasons to be embarrassed about our Minister of Public Safety

3. A former lobbyist for the defence industry as Minister of National Defence

2. Two broken promises in one unelected, unaccountable Senator/Minister

1. And a decrease in my take-home pay.

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Karen said...

Well done Jeff!

Devin Maxwell said...


Don't forget to take off the taxes...

Jeff said...

Thanks knb. Devin, it being Christmas I thought I'd let that one slide... :)