Tuesday, December 12, 2006

On the first day of Christmas...

…Canada's new government gave to me:

A decrease in my take-home pay.

*A new series continuing daily for, well, 11 more days.

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whichwaysthegym said...

To Bring Back Bowie sign here:


Mark Dowling said...

That's because Canada's tax system is dumb as a bag of hammers and gets away with it due to the ability to hypnotise taxpayers by repaying their overpaid taxes.

I will pay less tax this year because I will get a tax refund on transit - next April. However, if I was able to provide TTC's Metropass Discount Plan Office with my SIN number and get the tax credit upfront I would have more money in my pocket each money.

When I lived in Ireland that's how my health insurance tax credit worked - I paid less and the insurance company reported my PPSN number to the Revenue Commissioners.

However two things would have to happen:

1. The tax credit would have to be refundable.
2. The tax system would have to stop being a system of loaning your money at no interest to get it back in "the cheque from the guvmint".

EX-NDIP said...

After 13 years of increases by the Cretch/Martin gang of theives . . . . my taxes went down this year . . . and next year will be even better because the next budget will have more tax cuts . . . . sooo unlieberal.
Maybe its McSquinty's Ontario that's got its hand deeply in your pockets!!!

Anonymous said...

So, why is Ex-NDip an ex-NDP'r and why is he stuck on one track?

It's a new day, a new Liberal team and this tiresome old rhetoric is stale.

Our taxes (Fed/pay) went up and there's an area that the dumb neo-cons didn't figure out in their tax/transit policy and this oversight doesn't leave cars off the 401 at all. I'm not going to say what it is here, because I'm going to let the Liberals know about it. Typical of the Harpodumbs - quick, hurry, don't worry about details - let's make it look we kept a promise. It's going to backfire on them.

Jeff said...

That's interesting ex-ndip, because the Liberals, after balancing the budget, actually made some of the largest income tax cuts in Canadians history. But hey, let's not let the record interfere with the rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the staff at the rubber room where ex-Nddip calls home tell him his taxes went up all 13 years... Funny joke to play on someone ill-defined to understand what's a tax cut and what's a hair cut. The first shows up on your pay cheque (unlike the anti-tax cut Harpor blessed us with) and the latter one requires you to remove the tin foil hat...