Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Where are the mountains?

I’m in Mountain View, California tonight (Silicon Valley) for a quick business trip. Flying back to Toronto on the redeye Wednesday night. Haven’t viewed any mountains yet, but it’s dark. I’ll keep you posted.

A bit late in the year for a trip, and it’s tough to come all the way out here for just one day, but this trip will bump me up to Aeroplan Elite status for next year. Free diet cokes in the Maple Leaf Lounge, here I come! Also, I’ll be able to bypass the plebes and check-in at the executive check-in line, befitting the arrogant Liberal I’ve always been at (my cold, tiny) heart. And I’m sure I’ll be entitled to various other entitlements as well, so good times a comin’.

It’s a 5+ hours plus flight from Toronto to San Francisco, but the special edition of Maclean’s I picked up at the airport newsstand helped pass a good chunk of the time. Lots of great pics, and another Paul Wells opus that was a very good review of the lead-up to and the events of convention week. Some really good factoids and stories in the piece I hadn’t heard before thatadded some more dimension to the convention, well worth a read. Exactly what you’re looking for from a news weekly. Also, a good interview with Dion in the mag as well.

I’m wondering though, why is Barbara Amiel still writing a column, and who reads it? It was on Dion so I felt compelled to try, but I just couldn’t finish it. If I could summarize it, I guess her message is he’s a nerd but she likes it. And what was with Feschuk writing about thongs?

Anyway, pick up a copy if you wander by a newsstand. I need to rest up before a day of everything you wanted to know about server virtualization, but were afraid to ask.

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BW said...

With Elite Status, don't forget that you get a whole bunch of upgrade certificates that you'll never be able to use because your ticket is the wrong class.

Jeff said...

Yeah, there's that too. Although I think you do get two certs you can actually use on a Tango Plus fare, so that's something. The latitude ones are pretty useless though.