Thursday, December 21, 2006

On the tenth day of Christmas...

...Canada's new government gave to me:

10. A health minister with a 25 per cent stake in a pharmaceutical manufacturer

9. No understanding of what that very important Quebecois nation motion they rammed through the House actually means

8. An e-mail attempting to raise money for the Conservative Party based on Harper's handling of the Lebanon conflict while the bombs were still falling, at a time when Eight Canadians had been killed and thousands more were still waiting for evacuation

7. Silence when interactions were revealed between two senior government members and a listed terrorist group

6. Six months without acting or following-up on the recommendations put forward by the government's wait-times advisor, even though this was one of their five priorities

5. Five charter flights averaging $3600 a pop by the Minister of Veterans Affairs

4. Four-plus reasons to be embarrassed about our Minister of Public Safety

3. A former lobbyist for the defence industry as Minister of National Defence

2. Two broken promises in one unelected, unaccountable Senator/Minister

1. And a decrease in my take-home pay.

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rob said...

I just tried to sing that, and it isn't really working.

By the way, I read that Stockwell gave you a fifth reason to be embarrased about him today, though it had to have been stupidity rather than racism.

Jeff said...

At this rate next year I could do one just on the 12 days of Stockwell. Picking on an embittered, defeated ex-MP would just be rude though, and I don't roll that way...