Thursday, December 07, 2006

You have an option, sir

Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition, in today's Globe and Mail:

Mr. McVety said the defection of people who have opposed same-sex marriage in the past will not send a good message about the Conservative Party or democracy.

“People feel they have no option, they have five anti-marriage parties and no reason to vote. They get disenchanted and they stay home,” he said.

Dear Mr. McVety,

I'm writing to tell you that you, and your fellow social Conservatives, do have an option, sir. But first, let me say that I feel your pain.

It hurts to lose your partner, be they opposite or same sex, and that is what has happened here. The Conservative Party has left you. And after all you've done for them that must really sting.

You were there for them when they were just getting started, when they were just a nascent little Western protest party with a nerdy leader and a dream. While they were getting their political education and pursuing their dreams you supported them, your votes brought them to the House of Commons and later made them the official opposition.

Then, though, they adopted the Progressive Conservatives, and they didn't have as much time for you anymore. "We've graduated now, we want to form a government so we've got to be pragmatic," they'd say. "We still love you, just stay quiet, don't embarrass us. We're doing all this for you baby!"

But are they really? Do they really love you, and respect all that you've done for them? After all, if it wasn't for your socially conservative brethren they wouldn't even be in government. And now, they want to throw away their faithful partner of so many years for some young, blonde, centrist trophy vote? When all you both worked for together is just paying off?

Because that's what they're doing, Charles. Sure, they promised you a vote on re-opening SSM, but it's a sham. They're playing you for a fool, and you're letting them. If they were really serious they'd use the notwithstanding clause. Instead they keep whispering sweet nothings, and doing sweet nothing too.

The love affair is over Charles. Face it; he's just not that into you. Don't let yourselves be the doormat of the Conservative party, the good wife waiting at home with his paper, a martini shaker and hundreds of thousands of votes.

You deserve better Charles, and you do have an option. I'd like to introduce you to a fine young suitor I think is just perfect for you and your friends. They're called the Christian Heritage Party of Canada. They're you're kind of people, and they'll treat you right, the way you deserve. They're Canada's only pro-life, pro-family political party.

You guys will get along great, I just know it. And be sure to bring along your MP friends who are also stuck in this abusive relationship. Don't they deserve to get out too?

I know it may seem hard now, but you know you can't let yourselves be played for fools any longer. In the long run, you'll be much happier.



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Kenn Chaplin said...

I linked to this. Poor Charles...

The Rat said...

Shows how much you know. People with religious reasons to oppose SSM cannot vote Christian Heritage unless they buy the CHP's Bible-Over-All theology. It's evangelical, you see, and non-evangelicals cannot compromise those principles, either.

Anonymous said...

Religious reasons? So the Christians are bending over backwards to enshrine a Pagan rite?

Wasn't it those Christian fools that decided to wipe out paganism? Now they are defending Pagan rites?

Christianity, a religion you make up, as you go along!

Anonymous said...

You know, there comes a time when one has to grow up and move on. Charles is still believing in "jack and the bean stock" (words by Bill Maher).

The neo-cons are now trying to accuse Dion of being a flip-flopper because in 1999 he voted against it. What they don't understand (and this is where the youth are ahead of us) is that people that are older are brought up with a certain mindset and it takes looking into yourself to change that "brainwashed" mindset.

I admit I had trouble with it a first (I'm in the 50's age group) and had to look deep inside myself and ask why I feel this way and realized you are taught to think that way and there comes a time to think for yourself and came to the conclusion "who am I to tell another person how to live and who am I to take away their rights".

Dion isn't a flip-flopper I'm sure. I think he's gone through what many our age have as we grew up in a world that hadn't even considered SSM.

Boy the neo-cons are really stretching to try to bash Dion without any feelings for those that are hurt by their narrow-minded bigotry.

Karen said...

Poor Charles, hah! I can think of few people who are more annoying.

Good, (funny), letter Jeff.

Christians, Evangelicals, whomever...go about your business. Your churches, etc. are safe. No one can force you to do what you do not want to do and the rest of us can go on with our lives.

Society hasn't fallen apart, everything is just as it was, so let us live and let live shall we.

ainge lotusland said...

i really like reading your blog, but for some reason, it is the only one that takes a century to load. the top and the sidebar come through, but the main bit just wont show up. today it loaded. im using firefox.

(no, im not using dialup and im not some bimbo who unknowingly dls a lot of spyware and adware and claims "omg i think i got a virus from kazaa")

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Best. post. ever.

Jeff said...

Angela, that happens to me sometimes too. I tried cutting down the number of posts that appear on the page this morning, hopefully that helps.

Mark Dowling said...

Did any Scarborough Liberal MP vote against the motion? I saw Lee and Karaygiannis at least in with the Harperians.

What is it about Scarb that elects these "Liberals" who aren't very liberal?