Thursday, January 11, 2007

Politics Watch doctors Chretien photo?

(see update above)

I like the Politics Watch site. They do good, usually non-partisan journalism on Canadian political issues, often breaking things the main stream media have missed. But I'm mad as hell at them right now.

I stopped by their site this morning as part of my regular reads and clicked on a story entitled "Liberal Adscam legal bills remain a mystery." An interesting story, and an interesting report. But what stopped me in my tracks and made my eyes bulge-out was this photo of former Prime Minister Jean Chretien that accompanied the story:

Take a closer look:

OK, seriously, what the hell is that? I met Jean once, and he doesn't look like that. This photo has obviously been doctored, I don't know by who, to make Mr. Chretien's head appear extremely larger than his body. And it's a crappy photo-shopping job at that.

Read the photo caption and there's nothing to indicate this is an illustration, or any reason for distorting a photo of a former Prime Minister of Canada. An editorial cartoon is one thing, but this is a news story on a supposed non-partisan news site.

I don't know how this ridiculous and insulting photo made it onto the Web site of a supposedly reputable news organization. This is Frank Magazine-style nonsense. It has no place on a serious news site.

The editors of Politics Watch need to remove this photo immediately and issue an apology to their readers and, more importantly, to Mr. Chretien.

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April Reign (aka Debra) said...

What the hell are they thinking?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the post title is a rhetorical question?

Anonymous said...

I agree...what a ridiculous thing to do.

It kind of makes you forget that the good ole Liberal Party still has legal bills to deal with. If they think I'm paying for them....they got another thing comin.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting piece of photo shopping.You can plainly see by the proportioning of cretins head that it was meant to be sticking out between bars as 'jail house'.Sloppy photoshop journalism forgetting to put things in a proper perspective.
You have every right to be indignant BC.

Anonymous said...

It's not that they're conservative, it's just that they're, like, real mental, y'know?

Bertrand Russell. on the crypto-epistemology of the wingnut anonymous troll.

This joke seems a little out of character for that site.

Anonymous said...

It's Jean's head from a not so flattering picture photoshopped onto a picture from The Usual Suspects (the one when they're in a police line up).

Anonymous said...

I couldn't tell, wasn't his head always that big?

Anonymous said...

Some of you seem to be taking this a little to seriously... the reactions seem almost manufactured.

The photo in question appears to be taken from the photo used in the original feature,"Your Money, Their Legal Bills" on that exposed the millions of dollars in legal bills that Liberals stuck to taxpayers.