Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NDP logic, and other oxymorons

It's so much fun being on the NDP e-mailing list. Got an amusing one this morning, after I fished it out of Hotmail's spam filter.

It seems smiling Jack has a new TV ad, joining Steve Harper in the pre-election advertising game. What fun. But take a look at the note the Dippers sent out to the rank and file. There's a number of amusing contradictions.

First they take a shot at Harper for doing negative pre-election advertising. That's fine, but watch the ad they're pimping, while it's not as negative as the CPC ads it's not positive either.

They go on to say Dion doesn't have the money, leadership or vision to fight back, but Smilin' Jack does! And then in the next breath, they ask for money to get the ad on the air. But wait, didn't you just say Jack has the money?

Then go and watch the ad. It looks like Jack has the vision Dion doesn't to fight back against Harper's negative ads by...attacking the Liberals. Frankly Jack, I'm glad Dion doesn't have the vision to attack himself.

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PCasey said...

Thanks for the link!! And thanks to Good ad.
I made a $250 donation, my first to a political party.

A View From The Left said...

"I'm glad Dion doesn't have the vision to attack himself."

Brilliant Jeff, just brilliant.

canuckistanian said...

great headline ;-)!

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Oh, Jeff, you were such a good blogger before you turned into a blind partisan. Such a waste.

Stranded_Youngster said...

I thought the ad was fair. It was balanced because it outlined what the other two parties have done wrong (not just the Liberals) while saying what changes they would make. From what I can remember, the Conservative ads were all about how bad the Liberals are, with a simple " vote Conservative!" or whatever tacked onto the end. That is pure negative advertising. The only thing I thought was weak about it was the ATM fees issue...surely there's bigger bones to pick.

Jeff said...

I trust you don't feel that way IP just because two recent posts took what I felt was fair issue with the NDP, rather than the Cons.

Donald P Walker said...

I have seen two versions of the NDP ad and what struck me is that they attack the Liberal Party more vigorously than the governing CPC. The message I take away is that the NDP, and Layton, remain terrified that progressive voters will forgive and forget the Liberals' transgressions of the last century (yes - it was that long ago) and return their votes to the only party that has a real chance of replacing the CPC as the government. One benefit of having spent the last 39 years in Toronto is having had the opportunity to observe Layton up-close. Layton's record is one of manipulation and distortion when it comes to bending the truth to suit his personal ambitions (which probably have a higher priority for him than his party's goal).