Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We're serious about the environment, honest!

While Steve Harper would have us believe he totally believes in getting serious about the environment and global warming, that he all of a sudden realizes it is a serious problem that needs to be tackled, and that his commitment is genuine and not based on polling and political wedges, it would seem his blogging army hasn't quite gotten the message:

The link would appear to go to a video questioning global warming science, although the link was dead last I checked. Interesting though that Blogging Tory admins would chose to highlight what they call "the great global warming swindle" while their leader is trying to convince Canadians he totally believes in the so-called science.

Makes one wonder just how genuine the commitment Harper and hos Conservative brethren profess really is, and wheter or not it would continue once they had a majority government...

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Mike said...

Convenient that they are also overlooking that this film has been debunked and panned by, you know, actual climate scientists. Or that one of the scientists in the film had his view's purposely misrepresented by the film makers.

The BT being dishonest and duplicitous? Say it isn't so!

Erik Sorenson said...

Instead we should all be watching the film with Stephane Dion wrestling eco-disaster to the ground while in cabinet? Or Paul Martin? Or Jean Chretien?

You guys and girls REALLY have short memories, don't you? Or the horrible Liberal affliction of denial of responsibility.

JimBobby said...

Whooee! ErikFeller, yer all off-topic. The topic's this here climate change denial flim-flam film an' teh Boogin' Tories. Yer routine o' pointin' at some past Liberal action or inaction no matter what the topic is just plain stoopid. If yer gonna join in a discussion, talk about what the other boogers is talkin' about, fer cryin' out loud.

I see a buncha 'nonny mouse right-wing boog commenters is out floggin' this swindle film all over the internets. What's with these idjits? They'll spend $500 billion on a EyeRack War based on non-existent WMD's but they won't pull their heads outta their asses long enough t' notice their killin' ol' Mother Earth.

The Cons' bossman's onside with anthropogenic climate change an' he's expressed the need t' deal urgently with the problem. Yer right as rain drawin' attention t' the Boogin' Tories advertisin' the bigass scam swiftboat junk science propagander film that was on Limey TV.

This sure as hell makes the Boogin' Tories look like throwback neanderthal dinosaur-ridin' climate change denyin' ignoramuses who can't even stay on the same page as their bossman, King Steve.


Dr. Tux said...


The only Majority government we'll be seeing is a Dion Majority government.

philosoraptor said...

741cn18vHad I blog, I would be writing about how the blogging portion of the Conservative party openly admits to having a hidden agenda (when it comes to the environment) that is just lying in wait for their upcoming majority.

It's really quite easy, and someone could base their whole blog on the same tactic: get a fresh IP, go to any BT site, pose as a rabid supporter and ask why Harper isn't listening to his base - and presto! Everyone freely admits that Harper is just waiting for a majority to revisit all of these items. It is all the more frightening when and if some of these bloggers actually have some clout in the CPC.

Harper's base believes he is just saying things to placate the masses, and that everything will be different when he gets a majority. That fact alone is a bit worrisome, if only because I don't know of any other party that has a base with expectations so different from the party line.

McLea said...

The only Majority government we'll be seeing is a Dion Majority government.

Ha. Good one sheeple. You're a funny guy.

rockfish said...

Harpor first shut down Canada's gov't website on the environment. He silenced a federal scientist from publicizing his own fictional book on global warming... No doubt his emmissaries are talking nicely to the above Tory-dots about "x-nay on the bol-gay spirocee-kay!"
It seems like we have seen the people behind the 'scary Conservatives' rumour... and its them!

The Rat said...

It's kinda like Dion saying the Liberal party has learned its lesson and is no longer corrupt and then musing that the disgraced thieves should be let back in to the party. Well, except that the Blogging Tories aren't an official organ or the CPC while Dion is the leader of the Liberal Party.

Makes one wonder just how genuine the commitment Dion and hos(sic) Liberal brethren profess really is, and wheter(sic) or not it would continue once they had a majority government...

Charles J said...

JimBobby, that comment is a work of pure genius. Thank you, you've made my day.