Friday, March 23, 2007

Woe is Joe, our Facebook foe?

Catching-up on the news I've missed whilst away, I hear that Joe Comuzzi was kicked-out of the Liberal caucus after saying he'll be voting for the Harper budget. Hard to have any sympathy for Joe, the budget is the grand-daddy of confidence votes and if you don't vote with your party on it, see ya later. Like it or lump it, that's our political system.

Anyway, I noticed today that Joe Comuzzi is the latest MP to get on Facebook. Only six friends so far, but one is Conservative blogging poobah Stephen Taylor.

And not only that, Joe has created his own group called, I kid you not, "Kicking Me Out Of Caucus Is Unfair!" Yes, woe is Joe.

He has also somehow found 74 members to join his little group. I really wonder how many are Liberals though, as quite a few are easily recognizable as Conservatives. And I'm pretty sure the majority of the members are Conservatives.

How do I know? Check the "related groups" section. These are set automatically based on the most common groups that members of this group are also members of. The top five for Joe's group?

1. Conservative Party of Canada
2. This Facebook group is unfair (anti-Dion)
3. Blogging Tories
4. Stephen Harper Fan Club
5. CPC Energy

Which says clearly a majority of the group members are Conservative supporters.

Actually, I have to wonder, is this even the real Joe Comuzzi? His group co-admin, after all, describes himself as "a conservative political junkie from Hamilton, Ontario currently residing in Toronto." He's not a member of the Parliamentary network, which requires verification by a e-mail address, like most MPs on Facebook are.

Also, would you use a photo for your group that makes you look like a crazyman?

Makes one wonder...

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Bailey said...

The co-admin is the same guy who worked for Ipsos-Reid that threatened Jason Cherniak the other week when Cherniak was complaining about their online polls.

Bailey said...

Made an error on the link in the previous comment.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

That photo was the one that CTV used for a while. Not too flattering.

McLea said...

Most people stalk girls on Facebook. Jeff stalks MPs.

Draw your own conclusion.

Jason Cherniak said...

Yep. It was Somer. What a guy.