Tuesday, April 17, 2007

BQ goes poof!

SES asks Quebecers how they'd vote if the BQ didn't exist. Other fascinating polls Nik now has in the field:

How would you vote if there was no Liberal Party? (Sponsored by Jack L.)

How would you vote if Jack Layton wasn't so pretentiously hypocritical? (Sponsored by everyone)

How would you vote if Senator Palpatine replaced Stephen Harper as Conservative Party Leader? (sponsored by Tom F.)

I look forward to the critically important results.

In the meantime its off to Skydome tonight to see the Jays play the Red Sox (booooo!) and Japanese pitching sensation Daisuke Matsuzaka. Should be a good one, it's always fun when the Red Sox or the Yankees come to town. Hopefully the Jays can play through these injuries though, Glaus and Ryan are key guys.

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player_hater said...

I think Palpatine would be less vindictive than Harper.

Bailey said...

What section were you in for tonight's game? It was packed, I was only able to get the $2 tickets up in the 500 section. We had a rowdy section near us. Cops escorted a guy out and lots of yelling. It was louder than most games I went to last year and definitely for the first time in a long time, more Jays fans than Red Sox fans.

Jeff said...

I was in 533, by third base. Didn't see the cops but I do remember some commotion, couldn't see what it was though. Anyway, fun game, Dice-Kay looked good early but quickly became ordinary. Good start from Chacin. I'm going to tomorrow's game too, when I bought the tickets on the weekend I forgot they weren't playing Monday and I thought Wednesday would be Halladay's start. Alas, it's Tomo Oka, should still be fun tho.

Bailey said...

I was on the first base in Section 513. I knew some people over on the 3rd base side.

Have fun at the game tonight, too bad it's not Halladay pitching. Although, soon Ohka will be out of the rotation and Janssen will be in.

Jason Hickman said...

Ah, you're just bitter that the BQ's vote goes everywhere but the Libs.

I was travelling yesterday or I would've been there to check out Dice-K myself. You think he's the real deal? He struck out 10, but if he doesn't start putting up wins, Fenway's going to start eating him alive.

I liked Okha when he was playing for the Expos (RIP), but lately, he's been "fun" in a slow-down-to-look-at-the-car-wreck kind of way.