Thursday, April 12, 2007

One down, fifteen to go

Man, I'm exhausted and I only stayed-up for the first period of overtime of the Canucks/Stars game last night. In my defence, being in Ontario that was at 1:15 am, and I do need to work today.

Four overtime periods, wow. Thank-god they pulled it out, the Sedins rocked. The four periods I did watch were great hockey, although it would be nice if the Canucks could learn how to protect a lead. I thought we had it when we went up by two.

Anyway, quite a start to the series, this one is going to be a grind. Hopefully Matt Cooke and Alex Burrows aren't injured too seriously. Cooker in particular would be a big loss.

Go Canucks!

P.S. The Sens looked absolutely dominant against the Pens. It's just one game, but hopefully they can keep it up and finally exercise some of their playoff demons.

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McLea said...

Ha, one period Jeff? I guess we can cross you off the "true Canucks fan" list now can't we :)

Jeff said...

Typo on my part, that should have read first period of overtime. Which still doesn't make me a true Canucks fan I guess because I skipped period five, six and seven, but we're three hours back in Toronto and I do need to work so Steve Harper can send my tax dollars to Quebec... :)

McLea said...

And don't give me this "it was so late" excuse. True Canuck fans don't let reason get in the way of passion.

McLea said...

I do need to work so Steve Harper can send my tax dollars to Quebec... :)

Haha. Just for that line I'll let you off the hook.

UWHabs said...

You didn't miss much in the other OT periods, unless you love watching sloppy playing and players skating at half-speed. Both sides looked dead tired out there. Nobody had the strength to start up a rush.