Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Politics, blogging and beer

In Toronto on May 9? What could be a better way to spend an evening than talking politics and blogging over beer? Or, in my case, rum and coke. I hope to make it out. Word is the angry man himself will make an appearance. (rsvp here)

And mesh '07 looks to be shaping-up as an other interesting, thought-provoking conference. Coyne, Feschuk and Turner on a panel? That sounds fun.

Come out with the mesh guys and get your political blog on, Toronto!

We had a great time at the first mesh meetup, but there are still a few weeks left to mesh ‘07 and we’d like to get together again. And this time, it’s political.

Blogger and National Post columnist Andrew Coyne, blogging M.P. Garth Turner, former Paul Martin speechwriter (and of late writer, humourist and blogger) Scott Feschuk and Phil de Vellis, the creator of the “Vote Different” Hillary ‘08 YouTube sensation, will be doing a panel at mesh ‘07 on what’s happening now with Politics and the Web, but let’s get the conversation started early!

Whether you’re a political blogger, party stalwart, consultant or media observer, or like us just plain fascinated by the impact that the Web is having on the way we discuss, organize and create political change, come on out and join us and folks from the Toronto Web 2.0 community on May 9 for snacks and libations at The Charlotte Room - details and signup at the Upcoming site, and please help to get the word out by forwarding this post to someone you can beat at eight-ball. Worst case, you can settle your political differences the way we were meant to - over libations and pool tables.

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