Friday, April 06, 2007

They'll go positive: My ad attempt

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to take part in last week's Liblogs film festival, but with some time on my hands for the holiday I thought I'd give it a try.

There were a lot of good ads created last week, but it has been observed that many were negative ads. These certainly have their place, but I'd thought I'd try to craft a positive message. Remember I'm an amateur so please, don't be too harsh...

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Karen said...

Well done. I think your concept is really good and given that you're not an ad guy, I won't offer critique per se.

I'm still struggling with "richer, fairer, greener", though I think I understand how his writers came up with it. Fairer, is tough to say without an accent, :).

Great messaging though and good choices of photo back drops, depicting the hopeful outcome.

Now if you were an ad guy, I'd say, slow down the print overlay, get Dion in sync and ramp the music. The music is good for the message, but it has to morph at the end into something more dramatic, imo.

Karen said...

I should have added, your overlays were really great. You articulated what I think we are going to stand for in the next election.

Dr. Tux said...

Hey BCer,

Do you talk to people at the grassroots level about Dion? I'm talking friends, family, acquaintances at the bar, etc.

I've been talking with a lot of people "on the ground" over the past couple months, and I can definitely tell you it feels good to have that one-to-one connection. I can also see how people are reacting right away to what I'm saying about Dion. Actually, I think its a really effective way of getting across the message.

Just wondering if you do this too.

Jeff said...

Thanks KNB. I think you're right, I should have made the text rolls a little longer. I did have them a bit longer but I wanted to keep it moving, some of them though it's a bit too fast to read.

On the richer, fairer, greener thing year, I'm not overly keen on the fairer thing in particular, but it seems to be the message we're going with. And it might well resonate outside of the Ottawa bubble.

Sheeple, my non-political friends don't really pay too much attention to politics and don't really have a sense of Dion. They do have a negative sense of Harper, so that's a start.

I think you're right though, to know him is to love him to a degree. He's got low expectations at this point, and I've found too that when people are exposed to him they're pleasantly surprised.

The challenge is getting him exposed, of course...

bigcitylib said...

So Jeff, where do you get the footage for this? Is it stock? More generally, is there a site where you learned to do all this stuff (and is there free software for it?)?

Jeff said...


I pulled the footage off the Web, trying to stick to copyrighted sources as much as possible. Software wise I just used Windows Movie Maker, which is free with Windows XP. It's bare bones, but does the basics. There's probably tutorials out there, but I've just been fiddling through trial and error.

Gayle said...

I like the line about preparing for the next generation, as opposed to the next election.

Very good.