Thursday, April 05, 2007

Gentlemen, no fighting in the war room!

The NP's Don Martin reports the Conservatives have piously announced they're banning lobbyists from their war room.

I hope the bouncers have the rubber hoses ready in case their campaign chair tries to sneak in. No mercy!

(H/T Cynic)

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Ted Betts said...

What? Didn't you hear? John Reynolds isn't a lobbyist. He is merely an advisor to companies who want to do business with the government.

Saskboy said...

Precious water.

derykx said...

Reynolds reminds me of one of the old muppets that used to sit on the balcony and make wisecracks. Not because of his wiscracks, just because he looks like those old muppets.

Anyhow, I've always thought he was a d*ck, but during a civil discussion on Duffy, he got a little beligerent and told Martha H.F. to "Grow up", she didn't have a chance to respond.

Plus I'm a lot meaner and angrier than he.