Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wajid Khan IS running again

The conventional wisdom seemed to be floor-crossing turncoat Wajid Khan would not be running for re-election as a Conservative in Mississauga-Streetsville. Not sure how this news flew under the radar, or maybe I was just out of the loop, but it seems the conventional wisdom was wrong:

Meanwhile, Khan was acclaimed to run for the Conservatives just hours before the Liberal announcement. The luncheon was attended by federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Jason Kenney, secretary of state for multiculturalism and Canadian identity.

Khan told The News after his acclamation, and prior to the Crombie win, he wasn't concerned about who his Liberal challenger would be. He was upbeat and said he felt the next election would be the start of a wave of support for the Conservative party.
It's past my bedtime so I'll leave the exploration of the mayrid of issues Khan's running raises, such as re-examining the Cons sending his old election opponent to patronage heaven to clear the nomination for him, for others to dig their teeth into.

In the meantime, I'll just say Very Interesting, and Go Bonnie Go....

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Brian Appel said...

If Khan is going to run again, then good on him. It'll give the people of Mississagua-Streetsville the chance to decide whether they elected a party or a man. And, hopefully, they'll send his butt packing.

Jeff said...

I will at least give him points for putting his money where his mouth is, as they say.