Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Win Paul Jackson's money!

Yes, that's right readers, you (yes you!) can win Calgary Sun columnist Paul Jackson's money! Or, more specifically, his RRSP package. I'm not sure of its size but I'm sure it has lots of oil stocks and hey, free money!

All you have to do is answer this simple little question Paul posed in his column this morning:

Chretien stood for nothing at all, except Jean Chretien. If you can name one substantial achievement during his term, I'll hand over my RRSP package to you.
So, dear readers, there's the challenge. I'd take up Paul's challenge myself but I'm reasonably certain my Lotto 649 retirement plan is going to pay off big time, and so I'm going to share the wealth.

Can you name one substantial achievement during Chretien's term (note to Conservative friends, I don't think Paul will accept adscam as an answer here, needs to be positive, be serious if you really want Paul Jackson's money) or even more than one? If so, post it in the comments section and answer the skill testing question*. I'll forward a list to Paul and I'm sure a cheque will soon be in the mail to the lucky reader.

Here's a hint of one possible achievement to get you started: rhymes with valanced vudget.

*Skill testing question: 27+14-5/6=?

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susansmith said...

So you are going to share the wealth.
Good, how about that we did not enter the coalition of the willing - IRAQ.
*Skill testing question: 27+14-5/6=? answer is 6.

Ian King said...

Knowing Jackson, he'll claim that your suggestion was really a Conservative achievement (out comes the 'eliminated the operating deficit' canard right about now...)

But hey, there's NAFTA! Negotiated and signed under Chretien!

If he still tries to dodge, then here's one that'll appeal to Jackson: Giving an anti-poverty protester (ISTR that Jackson doesn't think much of 'em) the Shawinigan Handshake. Doubtless this will be rejected, reminding us all what a miserable, dishonest, useless partisan prick Paul Jackson is.

Answer: 40 1/6 (It's not 6; remember your order of operations?)

Steve V said...

That man's devotion to Harper borders on weird, one of the strangest columns I've read in awhile.

C4SR said...

eamTay anadaCay issionsMay?

Ti-Guy said...

Canada Research Chairs. Nunavut.

Eilers said...

The refountification of Shewinigan! (kidding!)

Ted Betts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ted Betts said...

Restructuring and rescuing of CPP.

Healthcare deal with premiers. Didn't "save healthcare for a generation" but never claimed it would.

Reduction of taxes - first income and business tax reduction at the federal level in generations.

And he'll disagree it is a good thing, but the gun registry was certainly a "substantial achievement". Certainly was substantial to hear the CPC whine about it constantly over the years.

This is a great exercise. A little like shooting fish in a barrel and makes one feel good about being a Liberal. Track down the Martin ad campaign from 2006 about '1001 reasons to vote Liberal' for more.


Gayle said...

"And he'll disagree it is a good thing, but the gun registry was certainly a "substantial achievement"."

Well, gun crime did go down at a higher rate than other crimes after this legislation was introduced in 1995, so surely that should make someone happy.

bza said...

Canada Child Tax Benefit as well as the greater decenteralization in autonomy to provinces with the creation of the Canada Health & Social Transfer.

Also, the peacekeeping mission to Bosnia was completed in the Chertien era.

petroom said...

Public financing of election and leadership campaigns.

I still feel there are too many loopholes in these rules though.

Ted Betts said...

Afghanistan. Surely Jackson would agree with that.

Ted Betts said...

Taking Belinda and Garth off of Harper's hands.

Glen said...

How about winning the '95 election?

canuckistanian said...

-the CIHR
-focus on africa
-focusing on "innovation" in industry canada [love the conservative war on etymology: innovation gone from industry; equality gone from SOW etc]

and lots more as evidenced by previous p[osters. where do i collect the cash?

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I liked it when the little streetfighter choked that sumbitch with the goofy hat. I reckon that made a substantial contribution to Canajun pride an' culture. I also liked it when Mmme. Chretien clobbered that burglar with the Inuit soapstone carvin'. The thing with the golf balls gave me a substantial belly laugh. An' what about when he went to Harvey's with Mercer?


kitt said...

The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation is a private, independent organization created by an act of Parliament in 1998. It encourages Canadian students to strive for excellence and pursue their post-secondary studies. The Foundation distributes $325 million in the form of bursaries and scholarships each year throughout Canada.

Pay up Jackson.