Thursday, June 07, 2007

Belief stretcher of the day

This quote is actually from a piece in the Star yesterday, about the dismal performance of Con defence minister Gordon O'Connor, and how his cabinet days may well be numbered. However, it's ridiculous enough to share still.

The quote is from retired Army general Lewis MacKenzie, whom the paper forgets to mention is also a prominent Conservative supporter and a failed candidate for the party. Said MacKenzie on the O'Connor train wreck:

"I would imagine that the Prime Minister – and this is just speculation – is pretty happy with the performance of his defence minister," he said.

Say what you will about Decivin’ Steven there Lew, and lord knows I’ve said plenty, but he’s no dummy. He may well continue to resist calls to dump O’Connor but that will be because of politics and stubbornness and nothing else.

I’m quite certain that Harper is most definitely NOT happy with the performance of his defence minister. How on earth could he be? I won’t catalogue the long laundry list of O’Connor screwups, but suffice to say his bungling has created many a headache for Decivin’ Steven.

Lew, Lew. How can someone even deliver such a line without giggling?

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Karen said...

I think we'll see MacKenzie running in the next election.

He's all over the media playing "clean up crew" for Harper and O'Connor.

Anonymous said...

Would Harper want anything to do with a pro-Serb candidate who could be classified as a war criminal during the Bosnian conflict?