Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Guest blogger: Peter McKay’s rented dog

Oh, how on days like this I wish I was back on the potato farm!

It’s been a tough few days for my Master When There’s A Photo-op, with all this stuff around the budget and Peter breaking his promise to Maritimers about resource revenues. Why, I haven’t seen Petey this sad since that blonde meanie broke his heart, after we first met.

He’s been so busy flipping and flopping lately he hasn’t played ball with me in months!

And it’s even worse with that Bill Casey sticking to his principles and voting against the budget, doesn’t he know that makes Petey look like a total idiot? Those no-good Liberals were so mean to Petey in question period today:

Hon. Robert Thibault (West Nova, Lib.) :
Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister broke his promise to Nova Scotians.

The so-called minister from Nova Scotia broke his word to a brave MP. The so-called minister from Nova Scotia values his cabinet seat more than his own province.

I ask the member for Central Nova, what does loyalty mean? Were those his words? Why can he not stand up for Nova Scotia? Is it because he cannot or because he will not? Will he resign as the minister irresponsible for Nova Scotia?

* * *

Hon. Jim Flaherty :

Mr. Speaker, personal attacks like that always say more about the person saying them than about the person receiving them. It is unattractive, I must say, to have those kinds of personal attacks here.
Those Liberals can say Peter Didn’t Get It Done all they want but I agree with Jimbo, anyone who levels personal attacks like these is Not A Leader. I mean, in the budget Peter had to make choices, and Do You Think It’s Easy To Set Priorities? Don’t they know only Conservatives are allowed to spend millions of dollars on nasty, personal negative attack ads?

I hope Peter will come back to the potato farm soon, I miss him so. Things just haven’t been the same since I escaped from Belinda’s condo and he started seeing that mean American woman for coffee at Timmy's.

At least I’m loyal Petey. At least I’m loyal!

Woof Woof.

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Karen said...

Well done. I burst out laughing when I heard Flaherty say that today. He really didn't seem to understand the irony of his comment did he?

Bryan said...

I have to agree that personal attacks are not the way to make progress but that does not make me a Peter fan. If I remember correctly he was accused of calling Belinda Stronach a dog during a cabinet meeting.

As a resident of Nova Scotia I feel he has not been very helpful to our province. At the same time I do not see him as doing anything harmful either. Simply another federal politician looking out for himself.

Unknown said...

Nice job jeff!

I say we name the dog "Renty", and give him his own facebook profile where he can write regularly.

Kaniz Mouli said...

hey jeremy,
that will be a good counter attack on the kyoto blog..maybe we can start a blog page as well :d

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Can we call the dog Gitmo?

Oldschool said...

What did Peter call his dog . . . Belinda???
Its so sad that the people of Nova Scotia think that only the government can solve their day to day problems.
What ever happened to personal responsibility, hard work and creative thinking???
I know . . . decades of liberal though erased that concept from their memory.
A friend of mine started a business in NS a few years ago, says most people stay just long enough to qualify for UI . . .

BlueBerry Pick'n said...

Peter McKay learned a LOT about the Americanized media manipulation...

wasn't it KindaSleezy who said she "loved her Fox News friends"...


Media Manipulation: Why is nobody complaining in the US? or Canada, for that matter...?

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