Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Research indicates Dion is rubber, Harper is glue

This is too funny. To quote Nelson Muntz of Simpsons fame: Haaa Haaaa!

(h/t National Newswatch)

Angus Reid Global Monitor : Polls & Research
Dion Attack Ad Hurts Harper More in Canada
June 6, 2007

(Angus Reid Global Monitor) - A television spot authorized by the Conservative party which questions Liberal leader St├ęphane Dion has affected the views of Canadians on their prime minister, according to a poll by Angus Reid Strategies. 33 per cent of respondents say their opinion of Conservative leader Stephen Harper has worsened, while 24 per cent feel the same way about Dion.

The survey allowed respondents to watch the advertisement in their computers through an embedded video link. The television spot claims Dion "can’t even get his own Liberal senators to pass a bill limiting Senate terms." 47 per cent of respondents think the ad is not a fair and accurate representation of Dion.


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1 comment:

Gauntlet said...

Yeah, it would be nice if that result meant anything, but it doesn't. You can't ask people whether their opinions of a person changed, because the question is clouded with issues of whether or not they think their opinion of that person should have changed. Plus, people just don't know their opinions.

You have to get at that data obliquely, and in a way that is more representative of something you actually want to know, such as "If an election were held today, what party would you vote for?"

Those polls always see the target of attack ads going down in popularity, which is a more important and more realistic measure of what they do.

What I don't understand is why Harper would go with attack ads now, when their effects are typically short-term.