Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Unfair partisan snark at the day

I continue to be astounded by Decivin' Steven, and it looks like his frosty treatment of the media is even worse than I thought. I mean, when the Putin Kremlin is more more forthcoming with the media than Harper's PMO you have to give your head a shake...

Kremlin says Putin, Harper to meet at G8 summit, but PMO mum

BERLIN (CP) - The Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to meet with Prime Minister Stephen Harper as G8 leaders gather later Wednesday at a German resort.

There has been no confirmation of the meeting from the Prime Minister's Office.



Decivin’ Stephen is making nice with the French? And going on a date with the President of France? Mon dieu, how cute. I can’t wait to read what Harper’s cat blogs about this…

French president promises to play nice with Harper on their first meeting


PARIS (CP) - On their first political date, a pair of budding allies moved quickly to smooth over two potential threats to their relationship: Afghanistan and climate change.

The newly elected president of France took Prime Minister Stephen Harper for a stroll through the streets of Paris to a fancy restaurant where they dined following their first official encounter Tuesday.

After meeting a fellow conservative who, like himself, seeks to leave his mark on a traditionally liberal country, Harper called French President Nicolas Sarkozy a great friend of Canada.


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