Monday, June 25, 2007

He also leaps tall buildings in a single bound

So, today Deceivin' Steven and the New Brunswick Premier had a joint photo-op to announce the funding of some highway improvements in the province.

But this isn’t just a routine federal/provincial announcement, oh no. Perhaps since Harper has managed not to invite New Brunswickers to sue him he’s hailing the $207 million announcement as an example of how federalism can work.

Mr. Harper, who is locked in a battle with Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador over changes to equalization funding, said the highway improvements show how federalism can work.

"Today's announcement is a testament to what can be achieved when Ottawa and the provinces embrace the true spirit of the federalism of openness and work together to make Canada stronger, safer and better," he said at the legislature, where he was joined by Premier Shawn Graham.

What today is Stephen is an example of how federalism DOES work. Routinely. Every day. Coast to coast. Even in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. The window dressing is silly. This is a routine announcement of federal funding for highway improvement, not the end to the long, tired era of federal/provincial bickering. That ended a few months back, after all.

What’s not an example of how federalism should work is, say, inviting provincial governments to take you to court when you break your election promises to them.

So. I guess you could say Harper is right. Today was an example of how federalism can work…when the Prime Minister isn’t being a putz.

My apologies, Stephen.

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