Friday, June 29, 2007

iNough already!

Being a big fan of NBC’s The Office I watched the three episode marathon last night and I lost count of the number of iPhone commercials I was bombarded with. Every break it seemed there was at least one.

Enough already. Sure, it looks cool. But it’s just a phone. Sure, it plays videos, music and surfs the Web. So do a score of other converged devices already on the market. I picked up a Pocket PC a few weeks that does all that. And not only does it have a much easier to use keyboard but after the rebates and a contract it was free. The iPhone will cost you a second mortgage, even on a contract.

And what’s with this bragging about it not being the mobile Internet you get on the iPhone, but ‘the real Internet’? Umm, Apple, there’s a reason why Web site developers are optimizing their Web sites for mobile devices. Actually, there’s a bunch.

Such as speed. It would take forever to download a full web page mobily and that’s not a function of the device, but of the mobile network speed. It would also chew up a lot of data, and mobile data isn’t cheap. Then there’s the fact the screens are too small to make it readable. Sorry Apple, but mobile Internet good.

And enough with the marketing overkill already. It’s being so hyped in the media already they don’t need to spend a penny on ads.

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