Friday, June 29, 2007

Stephen Harper, heal thyself

Came across this old Conservative campaign ad from the 2004 campaign on YouTube, and found it amusing.

I can’t help but wonder what 2004 Harper would say to 2007 Deceivin’ Steven, after a year and a half of government that has been anything but accountable.

Whether it’s misleading Parliament on Afghan detainees, disrupting committees to stop witnesses from testifying, an unaccountable public works minister that can’t find the Senate, refusing to cooperate with the ethics commissioner, hiding from and trying to control the media and so much more, the list of this government’s lack of accountability is nearly boundless.

I think 2004 Harper would say that it’s time to demand better.

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1 comment:

Anthony said...

Hey notice back then they were the New Conservatives...

I think wqe can now find out how long "new" is with these people