Monday, June 25, 2007

You know you arrived when...

...national newspapers do silly features of dubious value on you, such as evaluations of your fitness routines.

Therefore Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May, you have arrived! Congratulations. Peter McKay had better demand equal billing for his walking his rented dog fitness plan or he's in trouble…

Damaged hip dictates a careful routine
Elizabeth May, Green Party of Canada leader

From Monday's Globe and Mail
June 25, 2007 at 8:56 AM EDT

My goal
"My right hip is painful from osteoarthritis, and I'm on the wait list for a replacement. My goal is to recover quickly from surgery and get back to the things I love."

My workout
Nearly everyday: 15-minute routine at home consisting of three exercises; pushes legs against the wall; balances on hands and knees and lifts right leg in the air; lies on back and straightens legs in the air (holds all three exercises for 30 seconds each, two to three sets of each).

Health club, weekly: 10 laps in the pool; some weights and a brief ride on the stationary bike.

Monthly massages.

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Saskboy said...

Obviously a more important issue than her carbon tax plan...

Anonymous said...

Alas, Lizzie is not the most fit female politician in Canada.

Rides a tricycle and used a ricksaw at the Pride Parade in Toronto.

Still, she needs to be using the tricycle more in Central Nova. Could be a vote winner.

CT said...

Mushroom, I can only assume that comment is not meant to be dismissive of the disabled. Should people who can't walk the length of the pride parade not bother to show up at all?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Not at all, Chris.

Was happy that she was there at the Pride Parade.

The ricksaw was more environmentally friendlier than a mechanical float