Monday, August 13, 2007

Anti-Americanism from the Conservative Party

You may not know this, but Michael Ignatieff spent some time teaching at Harvard, which is down there in the United States. No, it's true. Big deal, sure, he followed in the footsteps of greats like Alex Trebek and Mike Myers, but the kind of thing you'd expect some on the left to make a big deal out of.

But the Conservative Party? The Conservative Party that routinely accuses the Liberals of anti-Americanism (actually we don’t hate Americans; like most Canadians, and Americans, we just dislike Dubaya)? Yes, it’s sadly true.

Part of the Conservative narrative these days (in addition to making fun of the French, those cheese-eating surrender monkeys) is that Ignatieff is out to get Dion. I stopped by their unimaginative Kyoto dog blog tonight to see if they had yet abandoned their unfunny idea (conservatives just can’t do humour) and, seeing they haven’t surrendered yet, found this entry:

You may be planning to prance around Qu├ębec to deal with these numbers. But as any dog would tell you, watch out for the wolves. In this case, the wolf in American clothing. He is looking lean and hungry. And he appears to have put you on the menu.

Besides being incredibly lame (seriously, I’m a Liberal but hire me and I’ll write you better satire to save you the embarrassment for the sake of the World Wide Web) I was rather surprised by the anti-Americanism here. I wonder how the dual Canadian/American citizens would react to the Cons using the fact Ignatieff worked a few years in the U.S. as an attack line. Are the Cons saying they think there’s something wrong with working in the U.S. for a few years, or with Americans? Wayne Gretzky would be crushed.

In other lame Conservative Internet news that illustrates just how little the Cons get this new medium, in July they set-up a fake Facebook account for their Kyoto blogger and begged for friends.

Takers so far? Just 22.


But really, why is it the right is just so thoroughly and completely unfunny? Are they missing some sort of funny gene or something? Have there been any studies done? Let’s get Oda to award a grant before she’s out of a job tomorrow and get to the bottom of this.

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Red Tory said...

It's curious isn't it? I wrote something about it a while back.

Amazing that Kyoto thing is still alive and kicking (barely). Pathetic.

Jeff said...

Yeah, I thought they'd have abandoned it after a week or two, was a bit surprised.