Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cabinet shuffle drinking games?

Unfortunately I'll be at work during today's expected cabinet shuffle so I won't get to watch the sure to be exciting, informative and educational media coverage on television, let alone play any fun shuffle-related drinking games. That doesn't mean others can't have some fun though.

Because hey, everybody needs a little help to get through live coverage anchored by Don Newman or Mike Duffy.

Wells says if there’s a new intergovernmental affairs minister, you have to do a shot. I say take a drink every time an opposition pundit uses the phrase “shuffling the deck chairs.” And take another drink every time you hear the phrase “Canada’s new government.” And do a shot every time Duffy thumbs his Blackberry on camera. And if Michael Chong is back in cabinet stop drinking, you've had too many and must be hallucinating.

Any other suggestions?

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Balbulican said...

"And take another drink every time you hear the phrase "Canada's new government."

Knock that one out for starters. I want to at least get through the introductory remarks sober.

Ti-Guy said...

I start huffing Pam and making Lysol smoothies whenever I hear "Canada's New Government." The liquor cabinet was emptied long ago.

Jeff said...

Balbulican, heh, that's why I said take a drink and not a shot for that one, need to make it at least somewhat sporting...