Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bob Rae to have heart surgery

Good luck and best wishes to Bob Rae, I hope all goes well and he’s back on his feet fighting the good fight and taking-on the Conservatives in Toronto Centre soon…

Former Ontario premier Bob Rae will undergo heart surgery next week at a Toronto hospital to repair his aorta, which has developed a slow-growing aneurysm.

“I am in excellent health and I'm having the operation because I want to stay in excellent health,” Mr. Rae said in a statement released Wednesday.

“Doctors have determined that surgery now is the wisest treatment. They are very optimistic about a positive outcome, and expect a return to a full and active schedule after surgery and about six weeks of recovery time,” the statement says.


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Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

I would like to wish Mr. Rae a fully and speedy recovery.

900ft Jesus said...

all the best to him.

CT said...

Certainly I join you in wishing Bob the best. I saw him two days ago and he seemed to be in good spirits and health.

This "taking on the Conservatives" thing needs a clarification, however. Just because the Conservatives are the biggest threat nationally, that's not so in Toronto Centre. See this post for more.

Chris Tindal
Bob's Green Opponent

Jeff said...

Chris, I wish you very well and I hope for a strong second place finish for you in Toronto-Centre, just a few votes behind Bob. :)

ndp2008 said...

I would like to wish Mr. Rae a full & speedy recovery as well. My prays are with him & his family.