Friday, August 10, 2007

Congrats to Kate

There's news this morning that Kate Holloway has been appointed the provincial Liberal candidate for Trinity-Spadina, and will run for the McGuinty Liberals in the fall election.

Kate is a former high profile Green Party member, and I had the pleasure of meeting Kate a few weeks ago a the Progressive Bloggers BBQ in Toronto. I think she’ll make a great candidate, I wish her well.

August 10, 2007
For immediate release

Environmentalist, activist Kate Holloway Liberal candidate in Trinity-Spadina
Former high-profile Green Party of Canada member appointed by Premier

TRINITY-SPADINA – Ontario Liberals today announced that high-profile environmental activist and former Green Party of Canada executive member Kate Holloway will be the party's candidate in the Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina.

Holloway has been appointed as candidate by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

"Kate Holloway has two very strong passions – the community and conservation. She believes in action, she has compiled an impressive list of achievements and already serves as a role model. I'm proud to have her as part of our Liberal team," said Premier McGuinty.

The addition of Holloway to the McGuinty Liberal team has received immediate applause.

"Today's announcement represents a huge environment coup for Premier Dalton McGuinty. To be able to recruit such a high calibre environmental candidate shows he means business in further developing his strong green team going into this fall's election.
Dalton McGuinty and his Liberals, now including Kate Holloway, are where the action is for environmental protection in Ontario," said Deb Shulte, Co-Chair, Friends of Boyd Park.

"Kate has a rare combination of qualities. She is passionate about the environment, wise in the ways of business, and politically astute," said Chris Lowry, Executive Director of Green
Enterprise Toronto.

"Kate understands the issues of sustainability and the urgent need for a greener agenda; she will be an energetic and effective Member," said Michael De Pencier, publisher of
Toronto Life.

"Kate Holloway is very well known in the community as a strong and effective proponent for progress on environmental issues," said David Donnelly a prominent environmental lawyer and activist. "From action on renewable energy to climate change, she's been a leader. She's a green diva."

Holloway has founded, managed and directed several
Toronto environmental startups and non-profit associations. She sits on the Steering Committee of Green Enterprise Toronto, a network helping independent businesses and consumers become greener and buy locally and is a founding member of the Women's Environmental Alliance.

She was also a high-profile member of Green Party of
Canada, where she served on the national executive, co-founded the Green Party Women's Caucus and ran as a federal candidate.

"As a conservationist and advocate for strong, sustainable communities I've been impressed with progress made by the McGuinty Liberals, reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, investing in public transit, becoming a leader in clean energy such as wind power and offering incentives to help Ontarians go green – not to mention support for our schools, hospitals and neighbourhoods. I want to make sure thatprogress continues," said Holloway.

"We all know where the province was four years ago – the environment was under attack, our cities were facing neglect, public health and education were on a downward slope. We can't afford to go back to that. We need to keep moving forward," she said.


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Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

BCer, Is the Green party turning into the farm team for the Liberals or do they just understand they cannot get elected under the Green Banner.

Unknown said...

kingston: what I think you're seeing is a natural progression of things. Young people who were passionate about the environment and politics a decade ago were naturally drawn to the Green Party. However, as you intonate yourself, the Green Party is not in power. What has happened, however, is that the Liberal Party has grown an enormous environmental conscience over the past several years and people whose interests in politics has matured along with their passion about the environment are finding the Liberal party to be a better place for them to excel in the fields they are excellent at. What, really, is wrong with that? Why would anyone question something that is the result of two groups seeing eye to eye for once, getting something done, and not in endless conflict?

Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

Jen, I find your comment "the Liberal Party has grown an enormous environmental conscience over the past several years" dubious. The LPC has many years in power to start to act and did very little with the except of the one tonne challange and the Eneryguide (SP), a fact that is beyond debate. I see this trickle of Greens going LPC Red, (three now if I am correct) as a smart political play on the side of the environmental movement that is birthed/encouraged by the Dion/May agreement in part. My concern is this the beginning of a movement by the Greens/Environmental movement to take over the LPC. On the flip side I would like your thoughts on whether this is just an indicator of dissatisfaction on the leadership of Ms.May.

Burton, Formerly Kingston said...

PS Jen, I am far from an economics god but you do not have to be to know that the entire LPC Green plan will be passed on to the consumer despite the fact that industry will still be able to withdraw funds they paid into the fund( up to 80%) to make improvements to lower their emissions /energy consumption.
Do you really believe that after prices are raised per unit of manufactured goods they will be lowered or the increased profits that occur will be passed on to the shareholders/owners. I remember when Mr.Dion released his Green Plan and said that he was confident that industry would be responsible and play along, that same day the Electricity Assoc of Ontario said that they would have to spend a billion a year to meet the plans goals and it would be passed on to the consumer. I hope you see my point.

Mark Richard Francis said...

Keep in mind that Kate is running provincially.

Last week, the Ontario NDP announced a plan to reduce hydro rates for manufacturers by about 15%.

Who is going to pay for that, do you think? The NDP are never willing to jeopardize labour, even though social justice can not be maintained without environmental justice.

The provincial conservatives will likely do less than nothing on the environmental file, and we'll be paying for it with a ruined environment.

The Green Party of Ontario will not get to elect MPPs unless MMP comes in, and they won't be ready to form a government for at least a generate. As a former member of the provincial executive of that party, I'm in a good position to say that anything substantial the Ontario greens can do is "too little too late."

The _only_ party that has a chance of doing something in short order is the Liberal Party of Ontario.