Monday, September 03, 2007

Harper to name next B.C. Lieutenant Governor on Tuesday

The word on the street is that Steve Harper will name a new B.C. Lieutenant Governor tomorrow. No word on whom the new vice-regal representative will be, although I'm staying close to the phone, and practicing my vice-regal wave, just in case.

Whomever the new LG will be, they’ll have a tall order filling the shoes of Iona Campagnolo, who has held the post for nearly six years and has done a heckuva job.

While I may have no idea whom the next LG will be, it’s still fun to baselessly speculate and toss out names. One possibility would have to be John Reynolds. He’s a loyal Conservative with just enough of a record to be semi-respectable, and compared to the payoff for his fellow Conservative campaign co-chair, Reynolds is owed. If they want to go to the Senate they could go for Pat Carney or Gerry St. Germain, freeing-up another Senate spot for an younger appointee, plus prevent them from organizing against Reynolds' hand-picked candidate in Vancouver-Quadra. I’m having trouble thinking of any other prominent B.C. Conservatives…what’s Randy White up to these days?

One thing I can pretty much promise though: Harper will not pluck B.C.’s next LG from the ranks of the CBC. Sorry Ian Hanomansing.

UPDATE: The announcement has been made.

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Anonymous said...

Knowing Harper it's just as likely to be someone from Alberta.

But upon reading your post I wondered if maybe this isn't why we haven't been seeing Sam Sullivan out in front on the strike anymore. Now that would be funny - especially in light of the fact that the NPA Park Board members don't wnat to protect him as an incumbent and the growing likelihood of Gregor Robertson leaving the Ledge to stand for mayor.

Hassan said...

My hunch is that Harper might try to play the non-partisan card and appoint a Liberal or a Dipper... or someone known to be non-partisan like a poet or writer or something - would be a good move to try and seem above partisan politics. Afterall, he can be pretty sneaky sometimes ;)

Strategically that would be the best move for him - especially as BC is a battleground province in the next election - but then, will Harper choose the shrewdest move, or just stick with ol' partisan politics.

And totally right about Iona Campagnolo (I hope I spelt the name right) she was a great choice for LG!

burlivespipe said...

My guess he's offered it to John Fraser, former tory mp, and the next choice was that mp who took the cash to give Stockie his seat... Germant Grewal, anybody?

Jason Hickman said...

What, no comments on the guy Harper picked?

Jeff said...

I've never heard of him, and don't know anything other than the brief bio in the news brief, but seems like a good choice on the surface, so good luck to him.

Budd Campbell said...

I don't know what you think Iona Campagnolo has done that is so invigorating or refreshing. What were her accomplishments as L-G?