Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pin the bridge on the Guelph riding map!

Want to play the fun new party game that's sweeping the nation? It's easy.

Just print out this handy Guelph riding map that has the local rivers marked in blue:

and these handy-dandy bridges:

Paste the map to the wall, and cut out the bridges. Affix a piece of rolled-up scotch tape to the back of each bridge. Be sure each person writes their name on their bridge.

Then, each person sticks their bridge on the map at the point they think the Conservatives will promise to build a fancy new bridge if Guelph residents only vote Conservative.

Then, just wait for the inevitable vote-buying announcement. The person who put their bridge closest to where the Conservatives promise to build one is the winner!

Good, wholesome family fun for kids age 8 to 80!

*Caution, side effects may include nausea, deja-vu, and disillusionment with democracy.

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Oxford County Liberals said...

It wouldn't be a bridge though in Guelph I don't think. There are lots of people there advocating more passenger train service.. so if there was going to be a shameless pander to Guelph voters, they'd have the transport minister promise more VIa Rail and Go Train and "new!" passenger train service to Guelph.

Mike514 said...

To be fair about the St-Lambert Champlain bridge announcement, Montreal is in a bit of a transformation with its road networks.

The city is waking up from its 1950s - 60s "let's make intricate and unnecessary concrete designs" phase, and realising it's cheaper to demolish and simplify these intricate concrete designs than to repair them.

Park/Pine is a good example. The Turcotte interchange should soon get revamped completely, the Acadie circle, entrance to the Bonaventure, etc etc etc...

Demolishing the Champlain and re-designing it is no surprise, since it follows Montreal's grand scheme of demolish-and-simplify, rather than spend billions on repairs for something that was unnecessarily complicated to begin with.