Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bush and Harper, the same on foreign policy

Apropos with the Harper plagiarism scandal this morning, here's a new micro site from the Liberal Party: www.bushharper.com. I like the logo. And in addition to the Harpernomics and Bush ad released this morning, there's another ad on foreign policy too:

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Barcs said...

I agree that Harper shouldn't have read the speech that was plagiarized.

(you may now go on about claiming how his iron hand already new about it and he spends 50 hours a day going through all manner of mutanei)

Fact is it was plausible that a politician doesn't write his own speeches. And hadn't heard a speech in another parliament half the world away a few days earlier. (tho somewhat far fetched given the subject matter of the time)

But why don't we google Dion and plagiarism.... oh look there is links to when Dion supposedly copied form Suzuki.... I am sure I remember how he touted that he had written the Clean Air Plan himself at the time before the allegation....

Whatever happened to Dion's Clean air plan anyway?

p.s. It might also benifit you to read the allegations before pinning it on Bush... Despite being allies with America it was Australia's John Howard that was copied.... (you are a little desperate for a "evil bush" connection it seems)

Barcs said...

Has anyone asked Rae about this "chance discovery" coincidentally during an election campaign 5 years after the fact? And not in the 2 election campaigns in the intervening 5 years?

Phillip Huggan said...

I've accounted the societally high ROI 3 year expenditures of all 5 parties; positive externalities like environmental capital costing, R+D, daycare, foreign aid, and mental health + affordable housing programmes to fight homelessness. Rankings are: 1st Greens $172B, 2nd Libs $45B, 3rd NDP $45B, 4th Bloc $15B, 5th Cons $8B.
Ignoring off-the-chart Greens, Liberals have highest environment and R+D totals, NDP best childcare and highest sindustry penalty, and Bloc the best anti-homelessness strategies: http://externalityaccounting.blogspot.com/

Barcs said...

And while we are on the subject... wasn't there some sort of copyright lawsuit for several weeks surrounding the naming of the central plank in the liberal campaign the "green shift"??

Jeff said...

I do remember the Suzuki story barcs. You should go back to google and read the rest of the story, rather than just selected snippets, and then try again. I'll wait.

Oh, and you missed the "it was five years ago, no one cares about stuff that far back" talking point.

Barcs said...

"it was five years ago, no one cares about stuff that far back"

Yeah... shrug

I thought you and I argued that a few months back and didn't need to rehash it.

Who is using talking points??
-I agree with Rae/Dion/Iggy.
-OOOG bush-harper!!!!
-Harper bad for Canada
-America bad
-!!!!! Bush Harper!!!

At least tory talking points in this day and age require more than a parrot to remember.... How many of the liberal attacks can be summed up in those 5 talking points????

Jeff said...

You forgot:

- Hidden agenda.
- Abortion!!

Barcs said...


My god you are right.

I am slipping. Too much sun, not enough to drink I guess.

I must redouble my efforts to remember stuff.

Waiter.... more beer, the debates are coming and I need to understand the 6 leaders on stage