Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Liberal ad: Liberal leadership

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Omar said...


Unfortunately no one is going to convince anybody that Stephane Dion is not only a great leader, but a Great world leader in the next five weeks. I think Canadians minds are pretty much made up on that score. I'd air these in smaller doses then the Harper foucsed ads.

~Stephen Harper hates the CBC?

that was inspiring..

Make Harper the focus.

Jeff said...

Great leader, or the greatest leader?

Omar said...

Why not? Shoot the moon.

Yappa said...

Great ad! That's what I've been waiting for.

Dion is super-intelligent and has a ton of cabinet experience. He's sincere. He's passionate. He radiates integrity. There is no question that he is ready to be prime minister. The current polls show what a huge ad budget and two years worth of negative ads can do... Harper has really confused the public about Dion, and we don't have much time to set things straight. Luckily the raw materials are there.